Best Film – Climbing at Banff Mountain Film Festival

After Cerro Torre has already opened this years Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival in a sold out house, there’s another success story from Canada.

From the 84 films that were screened during the nine-day festival, Cerro Torre won the price „Best Film“ in the category Climbing. According to the international jury, the film especially stands out for its powerful storytelling and impressive filmmaking and never shies away from showing the friction on and off the mountain and the deep disappointment everyone experiences.

David Lama has been really happy about the price as well: "Winning the award for best climbing film at Banff means a lot to me and everybody involved in the project. Already the screening in Banff in front of a very enthusiastic crowd was a big highlight, being awarded this price means that not only the audience but also the jury appreciated the honesty and authenticity we devoted to telling this story. I'm thankful for this price, but above all happy that "Cerro Torre - A Snowball's Chance in Hell" will also be part of Banff's world tour!“

Cerro Torre wins award for "Best Film" - Climbing at Banff